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Professional Digital Magnetic Level Dust and Waterproof 24 Inch

$ 75.00


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    Product Description

    Tired of your paintings, home improvements, and construction projects coming off looking less than perfect? Rather than eyeballing it or using an old fashioned bubble level, use this remarkably accurate Digital Magnetic Level. It achieves perfect results every time. From beginner hobbyists to experienced contractors, our long two-foot digital level gives you professional results each time you use it for years to come.

    Use this outdoors in less than perfect weather. Let it sit around in the garage thanks to the IP54 Dust Proof resistance. You can even drop it. And it still works! While we keep the cost of this level well within the affordable range, it was designed by the industry's best engineers to withstand professional use on the job site. That means it can be your best leveling friend whether you just want it for home improvement projects or to use every day in your toolbox for construction, technical, and factory jobs.

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