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Wireless Gaming Keyboard And Mouse New For PC

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    Product Description

    Keyboard Specifications:
    ① Normal Keys: 104
    ② Keyboard Dimensions: about 455*175*45mm
    ③Interface Type: Usb (2.4GHz wireless connection)
    ④Built-in battery capacity:3000mAh
    ⑤ System Support: Windows 7 / 8 / 10 / Vista / XP / Mac OS / Linux and Latest
    ⑥Light effects: Rainbow LED backlit
    FN DEL: Three backlight state switches (Standard Light - Breathing Light - OFF)
    FN + ↑/↓: Enhance/reduce backlight brightness
    FN + ←/→: Speed up / Slow Down the backlight of breathing light speed

    Mouse Features:
    ① Mouse Dimensions:125*65*40mm
    ② Customize DPI Switch: 800/1200/1600/2400DPI.
    ③ Built-in battery capacity: 800mAh
    ④ Light effects: Seven color breathing lights (Mouse backlight color Can Not be adjusted)
    ⑤ Buttons: 6 buttons with scroll wheel (Two Side-Buttons, One DPI Switch)

    1. Before the keyboard is used, turn the switch on the side of the keyboard and the bottom of the mouse to the ON position.
    2, The keyboard and mouse share a receiver, the receiver is at the bottom of the mouse
    3. When the mouse snake head light is dimmed or off, you need to charge the mouse.
    When the LOCK light on the keyboard is flashing, you need to charge the keyboard.
    4.The keyboard and mouse are charged using a DC power supply of 5V.

    Packing Included:
    1x Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Set (Retail Package)
    1x Charging Cable
    1x Removable Hand Rest
    1x Instruction User Manual

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