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Mini Dome Camera 1080p Security Camera Weatherproof

$ 50.00


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    Product Description

    This revolutionary Hybrid Camera has the ability to output the 4 major Coax Type CCTV technologies. Whether you need a HD-TVI Camera, and HD-CVI Camera, AHD Camera, or an old school Analog Camera, this security camera fits the bill for all 4. No longer do you have to worry about trying to find a camera that will work with your DVR. The uniquely small form factor provides excellent surveillance performance while keeping an ultra low profile, perfect for homes or small businesses in which you need video surveillance but you want your camera to blend in with the surroundings, sometimes people wont even notice it at all. The ultra crisp 1080p HD Video quality will provide beautiful video surveillance with high definition prosecutable evidence. This 1080p mini dome camera is purposefully small, yet it is built with the highest standards in mine. Metal construction, Full IP66 weatherproof, IR LED's for complete vision in pitch black darkness, 3.6mm lens for wide angle viewing. This 1080p Dome Camera will be a nice addition to your ( TVI, CVI, AHD or Analog ) Security System.

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